Samantha Adams from the Asbury Park Press visited the Beyond Organic Growers greenhouse for an article of the Life and Wellness section of Asbury Park Press.

“When Theresa Reid from Beyond Organic Growers in Howell reached out to me asking if I’d like to come visit her family-owned-and-operated farm, I happily accepted.

I first heard about her and her husband, David, back when I visited Your Fresh Kitchen in Sea Girt, so I was eager to learn more.

Upon arriving, I was immediately struck by the impressive 3,500-square-foot greenhouse that is home to 144 aeroponic towers, vertical technology used to grow their all organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetables.

According to Theresa, aeroponics uses nutrient rich water to efficiently provide roots with the nutrients, hydration and oxygen needed. This allows for faster growing cycles and nutrient dense produce…”

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