Beyond Organic Growers takes pride in providing the local community with the freshest, most nutritious produce that we can grow. Farming for our future by adopting new technologies, water conservation, ZERO pesticides and a healthy approach to growing produce.


Beyond Organic Growers was born from local roots and generations of farmers. In the late 1800’s, the Reid family started farming potatoes in the Freehold, NJ area. This continued into the late 1800’s when the farm was expanded to grow wheat and soybeans. For over 200 years, generation after generation, the Reid’s have continued to pass down the farming tradition. In 1960, we left behind potatoes, wheat and soybeans and Reid Sod Farm was born. We have been a sod farm ever since, providing local residents and landscapers with new lawns. This has been a family run business since it’s inception and will continue to be long into the future.

As a family, we thought about the future and what we could do together outside of growing sod. After that it clicked; with the introduction of a clean, healthy and organic lifestyle into our personal lives, we decided we wanted to help our community do the same. Finding fresh, local organic produce was hard to come by and we searched for a better solution. This is when we were introduced to aeroponic farming. After much research and a leap of faith, we found our future. On June 1st, 2015 Beyond Organic Growers opened its doors, along with a new tradition for the Reid family to take into the future and pass down to future generations.


Our state of the art greenhouse utilizes a new growing technique called Aeroponics. This technique involves vertical towers where the plants roots hang suspended in the air while a nutrient solution is delivered via a fine mist. Using this method we can grow more with less land, less water, while yielding up to 30% more 3 times faster than traditional soil farming. We use absolutely no pesticides and all seeds and nutrients are 100% organic. On any given day, Beyond Organic Growers has a minimum of 12,000 plants growing on our 144 vertical towers. All of our plants start as seedlings, grown outside of the towers with precision and care. Once they are ready, each seedling is transported to an individual tower that has either 76 or 150 pockets.

Climatic conditions inside the greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, water, and nutrient levels are continuously monitored. This, coupled with our automated systems, allow for the highest quality, most nutrient dense produce we could possibly grow. Our radiant heated floors and solar panel power ensure our sustainable use of energy coincides with our mission of promoting healthy living and environmentally friendly practices.


At Beyond Organic we know that sustainable farming practices, local business, healthy eating and conservation are the future. We want to be at the forefront of this movement. Not only do we want to provide the local community with healthy eating options, but also educate them on the advantages and the importance of what we do.

Our vision for the future includes helping those in need. We already have a program in place to help children with special needs. They are able to come to our greenhouse and learn skills they might not have. The future vision at Beyond Organic is clear. Local communities coming together to build a better future. We are trying to do our part with the tools and resources we have at hand. Join us in bringing farming into the future, and helping as many people as we can along the way.