TEDx Asbury Park speaks about the new wave of indoor farming coming to New Jersey. They highlight the benefits of vertical farming as well as the increase in demand for food for a ever growing population.

New Jersey has the second-highest urban population percentage in the U.S with 94.7% of residents living in an urban area. Despite being the Garden State, New Jersey’s mostly urban environment limits access for local farm-to-table produce.

However, accessibility is increasing with the rise of vertical farming, the practice of growing crops in vertical stacked layers or columns.

This modern farming practice is beginning to take root in the U.S., including Monmouth County. Compared to conventional farming, vertical farming offers benefits like defying harsh winter weather.

“The vertical farming allows us to supply customers with fresh, organic, nutrient-dense products all year-round,” said Theresa Reid, owner of Beyond Organic Growers in Freehold.”

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